Nate Dern is the head writer for Funny Or Die News and the former Artistic Director of the UCB Theatre in New York. Nate's book "In Case Of Fire, Use Stairs", a collection of comedic essays and stories, is coming out soon (Simon & Schuster; 2016). Nate can be seen weekly with his improv comedy team WHAT I DID FOR LOVE Saturdays at 10pm at UCBeast. Nate's writing has been featured on McSweeney's, Funny Or Die, CollegeHumor, TimeOut New York, and more. He has a website where he provides evidence for these claims: Nate's acting credits include: TV appearances on Gossip Girl, Boardwalk Empire, and the Sundance Channel; feature films The Sisterhood Of Night (2013), Time Out Of Mind (2014), and The Early Years (2015); and commercial work for AT&T, Comcast, American Express, LL Bean, Comedy Central, Embassy Suites, and more. His web series pilot MIC MASTERS is a Channel 101 winner: Outside of comedy, Nate is a sociology PhD student at Columbia University. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read. He is from Evergreen, Colorado.

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