Born in East LA and raised in the San Fernando Valley, Carlos Orlando is an actor, writer, improviser and currently a performer at Maude Night (with his sketch comedy house team, "The Royal Bermuda Whiskey Club") and Mess Hall (with his Mess Hall team, "Parade".) He holds a BFA in Theatre (a financially smart move) from the University of Carlifornia, Santa Barbara.

TV credits: Comedy Bang! Bang!, The Soul Man, The Odd Couple, Chasing Life, Harry's Law.

UCB credits (partial): Maude Night, Mess Hall, Masturing with Film Masters (creator, producer & host), Best of UCB Sketch, Sketch Cram, Cagematch, Starpunch with Mike Still, UCB's I'm Cool Showcase, Celebrity Barf Machine, Stoned Scenes with Big Grande, Not Too Shabby, Spank, UCBComedy videos.

Carlos has been studying at UCBTLA since 2009, training under Mike Still, Billy Merritt, Alex Berg, Alex Fernie, Eugene Cordero, Suzi Barrett, Kevin Pedersen, and a butt load of other awesome people. A butt load. He's also studied under Miles Stroth, Eric Moneypenny and Heather Anne Campbell.

Carlos has been studying acting, performance art and theatre for 12 years and is a graduate of the "Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater with an emphasis in Acting" program (that's literally what it's called) at UCSB. Theatre credits (partial): Debujos de Nuestra Frontera (The James Donlon Company), A View from the Bridge (Indy Award Winner in Performance, The Santa Barbara Independent), Melancholy Play, Life's a Dream, The Dinosaur Within, Much Ado About Nothing. He was a performer and health educator at Kaiser Permanente Educational Theatre (3 years in Bullying Awareness, 3 years in Literacy Promotion), and was a co-founder, writer, director and performer for Monster Party, an independent sketch comedy collective, with multiple performances at The Comedy Central Stage at The Hudson, and a bunch of shitty theaters around Hollywood.

Carlos can also be seen around town with his favorite and only indy improv team, Patch's Beag (with Peter Banifaz, Alexa Loftus, Patrick McDonald, and Evan Riney). They recently opened for The Smokes, and they're kind of in love with each other.

I hope you learned something about me today. That's right: ME, Carlos, wrote this. It's long, right? I know. Thanks for reading.