Jennie is an actor/improviser/writer based in Los Angeles. Currently she is a proud member of the UCBTLA Maude team Last Slice. On television, she can be seen in a number of commercials as well as season one and two of HBO's Funny or Die Presents as writer, actor and creator of "The Amazing Adventures of David and Jennie.". Other television credits include Hello Ladies, Two Broke Girls and the recurring character "Pepper" on Don't Trust The B--- In Apartment 23. Jennie has performed at UCB since 2008. For three years, she and Amanda Sitko hosted the weekly improv show Let's Do This. Amanda and Jennie also co-wrote the long-running sketch show Amanda and Jennie: Best Friends. Other UCB credits include the Harold team Delicatessen, Maude Night, The OKCupid Show, Before You Were Funny, Sketch Cram, The It Sucked Awards and The Birthday Boys. On the web, Jennie can be found all over FunnyorDie,com writing and performing in various sketches for the site, including the web series Music Time With Jennie P.