Nicole Day is an actress, filmmaker, and improviser in Los Angeles. Nicole's TV credits include BLACK-ISH ON ABC, THE MENTALIST ON CBS and AN ADULT SWIM PILOT CALLED HOLE TO HOLE. More information about Nicole's acting can be found at Her UCB credits include WHAT'S GOING ON WITH MIKE MITCHELL, TEDDY ROOSEVELT'S PRESIDENTIAL FUNK PAD, PSYCHO-BILLY GORE CIRCUS, CELEBRITY BARF MACHINE, A BING CROSBY CHRIST-TACULAR, LATE IN NIGHT WITH FRANKENSTEIN, THE UCB VARIETY HOUR, THE MANSON FAMILY SINGERS: THE SUMMER OF LOVE, THE 4/20 FUNFEST, SKETCH CRAM, CAGEMATCH, LET'S DO THIS, SKETCH SHOWDOWN, NOT TOO SHABBY and several SPANK SHOWS. Nicole's trained through UCB, IO WEST, THE GROUNDLINGS, THE IMPROV SPACE and THE MILES STROTH WORKSHOP. She performed at the 2013 Chicago Improv Festival and has performed consecutively at the last 3 Del Close Marathons in New York. Nicole is a documentarian who has 2 feature films being released this year. One is titled UNDERGROUND COMEDY, exploring the world of long-form improvisation in LA. More information about her production company, GUNBARREL PRODUCTIONS, can be found at and THE WORST YEAR OF MY LIFE, a film in which Nicole co-stars and executive produced, just premiered at the 2014 DANCES WITH FILMS FILM FESTIVAL. She's very busy, but in her spare time enjoys watching reality tv.


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