Brandon Gulya has been at UCB since fall of 2007. He can currently be seen on Harold Night and writes for UCB's Friday Night sketch team Stone Cold Fox. Brandon has been on the Harold teams Sandino, A Sparrow, and Grammer. He also teaches sketch and improv comedy at the UCB Training Center. Brandon has had two successful one man shows running at the theatre, "Who Are You People and Why Are You Watching Me" and "Brandon Gulya Will Be Famous Soon". He also co-wrote and co-starred in the action film parody, The Unbreakable Gun. Brandon has directed: Dennie and Sharp's Maneater, Dennie and Sharp's Gump, The Unbreakable Gun, Apocalypse in Connecticut, Erik Dies: You're Stupid and We Hate You, Alan Starzinski: Guys You Love To Hate, and Ten Men.


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