Cathryn Mudon (myoo' don, like music) is an actor, improviser, comedy person in New York City (sit'ee, like city). Cathryn is originally from Fruita, Colorado and is a graduate of Regis University, Denver and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, NY. She began studying at UCB in 2007 and has worked with amazing teachers including Bobby Moynihan, Neil Casey, Zach Woods, Will Hines, and Chris Gethard. Cathryn is a proud member of the Maude team, BELLEVUE, and the Harold team, HIGGINS. Cathryn does commercials here and there, and you can find her on the internet in various Above Average, Jash, Funny or Die, and UCBComedy videos. She is also the co-star and co-creator of the improvised webseries, "I'm Too Fragile for This" (USA Today's Best of TV on the Web 2012).