Evan Susser is a writer and comedian living in Los Angeles, California. He is a member of the sketch group Up, Up, Up as well as the Supergroup, Crud II. Evan was also a producer and creator of "What's Going On? with Mike Mitchell," a show that LAist called "Truly brilliant, from beginning to end," and LA Weekly called "one of the more hilarious and well-written shows to come out of L.A.'s comedy scene in recent memory." Outside of UCB, Evan works as a screenwriter. His screenplay Chewie gained attention when it appeared on the annual Black List of most popular screenplays in Hollywood. He has gone on to work on projects for Warner Brothers, New Line, Sony, CBS, and FX. Evan is currently writing a feature film adaptation of Sonic The Hedgehog for Sony Pictures and Marza. If this headshot is all you've seen of Evan, you may not recognize him because his face is now adorned with a handsome beard.


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