Alan Starzinski is an actor, improvisor, and writer living in NYC. He has been taking classes at UCB since June 2007. He has studied under the finest teachers in New York City including Betsy Stover, Charlie Sanders, Shannon O'Neill, Zach Woods, Armando Diaz, Eliza Skinner, Kevin Hines, Anthony King, Neil Casey, and Joe Wengert. He is also the creator and former host of the popular show The Kaleidoscope. He is a founding member of the Indie team, Fat Penguin and he adores them. He is in love with his Harold team Sandino. He would like to thank his mother for being okay with him dropping out of college. He played a dead dude on "Forensic Files" once. Then met a friend of the dead guy's in a bar and it was pretty awkward.