George loves improv. He quit his day job as a programmer in 2004, and with only one test to take before completing a degree in Math, dropped out of college to pursue his writing career. He has since written the New York Times bestseller, "The Alphabet of Manliness," and writes for his website, The Best Page in the Universe, under the pseudonym Maddox. Soon after moving to Los Angeles, he was introduced to the UCB community, and has been training fervently with UCB's finest ever since he saw his first Asssscat show. George's writing has appeared on Current TV's hit show, "Infomania," Cosmopolitan Magazine, FHM, Newsweek and Cracked. He will soon launch an independently produced web series called "The Best Show in the Universe." George thinks a bicycle is the best way to get around Los Angeles, and encourages everyone to get a bike and ride.